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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy is about creating a frictionless experience across the funnel. In order to create this, you should attempt to let analytics data, web psychology, UX and A/B/n tests “come together” to increase conversion rate and delight your customers. You should consistently be researching and/or testing your users, digital assets and your customer journey. You can seek the help of a CRO agency and employ CRO experts to speed up your team with effective conversion rate optimisation support.

Start with the Research Phase

This is a gross simplification, but, for any company, your research phase should start with quantitative research. You would be looking at a tool like Google Analytics to check where in the funnel do you lose the most visitors. The CRO experts’ assistance in this analysis to procure statistical data can prove to be very helpful. Use the comparison view to see which landing pages and most visited pages perform best / worse, and what signifies them.

When you have an idea about where you are and are not performing well, you could attempt some qualitative research. Though the usability tests can be done very simply, Just ask five people per month to do a task on your site. Ask them to think aloud and be honest. With screen recording, you can view the videos afterwards. Track and document feedback.

When you get stuck for inspiration, you can attempt a heuristic evaluation. Use these frameworks to audit your site: The principles of Mobile Site Design here & The lift Model here.

Move on to the Testing Phase

When you have an idea of the things you would want to change, you are ready for the testing phase. In this phase, you should prioritise different hypothesis on solutions for problems you found in the testing phase.

Grade your ideas when it comes to potential, importance, traffic, effort, and frontend/backend complication. Also, Set up an A/B test in your favourite tool. Use the tool for a QA (quality assurance). Learn more about the different free A/B testing tools, Google Optimize, Optimizely, Firebase or VWO here

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) recommendations

For inspiration on the best practices, we, as a CRO agency, have written out some of the considerations for testing.

  1. Home and landing page
  2. The Navigation: Menus
  3. Navigation: Search
  4. Navigation: Category and Product
  5. The Conversion Funnel: Conversion
  6. Conversion Funnel: Form Optimisation

Use this piece of stand up comedy to convince anyone in the organisation that is sceptical and potentially share a first analysis done by a conversion rate expert. Or alternatively, proceed through the steps below by clicking on number one or next. If followed consequently, you will see results.