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Conversion Funnel

At this stage of your customers journey, the visitor is convinced your product or service is the right choice. Now, you should be focusing on making the buying process as easy as possible. Do keep in mind that if a user doesn’t want to convert in the moment, you should still enable this process to happen later or through a different channel.

It starts by making sure your customer is not forced into the funnel. So don’t redirect into checkout after adding to cart. Allow checkout as guest, but do add a value proposition around why someone should create an account. If your checkout process is more than two pages, inform your customer where they are in the process. Perhaps a progress bar to showcase progress through the conversion flow would be the best option. At each of those steps, you re-iterate value proposition and limit the exit points.

And last but not least, make sure visitors can edit the quantity, allow visitors to continue on another device by emailing or saving for later. If delivery times are communicated, make sure you provide the alternative of picking the good up at a local store as well. It has bene mentioned before, but make sure you have descriptive call to actions on each stage of the process.

The above is a generic but solid way of looking at your conversion funnel. Read on about what matters and how to optimise the final form fill.