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Form Optimisation in the Conversion Funnel

The final form where you leave your details is the last hurdle that your visitors will have to take to be able to order your products or services. Twenty-seven percent of users abandon orders due to a “too long / complicated checkout process”.  The best performing e-commerce sites have 6-8 fields,  and a total of 12 form elements. Average retail checkout flow has 14.88 form fields. You can find more in the full research.

The first thing you can do here is to reduce the number of fields, for example by not including any optional fields and merging first and last name. Do you really need the to ask the title? You can set the default billing address as the shipping address as well, saving you another field. you could potentially also collapse address Line two and the company name field behind an optional link.

Other form optimisations sit in the clever design corner. This sounds too straightforward to mention but do you use the correct keypads? Using the correct input type for each field can make a serious impact on your completion rates. You can use labels that sit inside the open fields instead of a placeholder above or in front of the field. You should also avoid large drop downs and opt for buttons, sliders or open fields instead. Also, the creditcard your visitor is using can be recognised, rather than having to specify what card you intend to use.

One more recommendation is to move the delivery date option to the start of the check out process. This can avoid a lot of frustration.