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CRM Data

This section all about making the most of your customer data. Customer relationship management strategy includes many aspects such as website and app engagement data, previous product sales (potentially through loyalty card), calls, store visit data, and last but not least, social media and email interaction data.

Your first-party (1P) data offers a wide wealth of insights and behavioural insights, in turn, drive meaningful results. We have seen a large improvement in the performance of marketing campaigns as well as significantly better experiences for (potential) customers!

Ask yourself these questions: Are you leveraging your (1P) customer data in your (online) marketing activities? When did you last have a thorough discussion about integrating customer data into their online marketing strategy? Do you have a retention strategy that involves the clever use of customer data?

If this sparks your interest, contact us for an exclusive training on how to leverage CRM data in online marketing (potentially together with an approved 3rd party partner). In addition to this, you can learn how you can set up experiments to get reliable and actionable insights and answer questions such as

  1. Why leveraging 1P data such as CRM is essential
  2. How you can ask the right questions for a thorough discussion on 1P data strategy
  3. What are ways to activate CRM data in online marketing
  4. Independent view on marketing tech partners and their offering
  5. How to test different CRM strategies.

Alternatively, read on about some of the integrations that we can support you on:

CRM Data Integrations For You:

  1. Personalise messaging & communication
  2. Use your audience data
  3. Marketo Google Ads integration
  4. Salesforce Google Ads integration
  5. Google Ads & Analytics CRM integration

CRM services are all about enhancing the interaction between the customer and your company. Not only this but, customer relationship management strategy also involves the retention of the customers with maximum client satisfaction. Keeping a customer is a lot cheaper than acquiring a new one. Therefore, CRM services hold much potential to drive your business forward.