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5 Integrate CRM Data with Google Ads

You can import offline (or otherwise untraceable) conversion events directly into Google Ads for purposes of reporting and optimisation.

Many advertisers leverage Google for online lead generation (counted as a ‘conversion’) but the actual sale or conversion of leads generated by Google Ads happens outside of Google’s technological ‘walls’ and are tracked elsewhere. Sometimes days or weeks after the ad click. Since Google Ads cannot report on these conversions, you cannot demonstrate the full value they are receiving from Google Ads and therefore help customers make better decisions or use the full power of machine learning-driven automation in your marketing strategies from Google.

Google Ads Conversion Import offers advertisers the possibility to feed ‘offline’ customer conversion data to Google Ads and match it to Google Ads paid clicks/conversions (or ‘leads’) allowing advertisers to make better-informed decisions and optimise for keywords that lead to actual sales.