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1 Personalise CRM Data: Messaging & Communication

In a world with numerous choices, personalising your message can be a make or break factor. In other words, be more relevant than your competition. Historically, B2C marketers have not really focused on personalisation or customisation. Metrics such as reach and frequency were king. We believe that there are numerous ways to personalise your messaging. Some difficult and costly, some easy and cheap. Doing this well can really drive success.

The coolest example I can think of is the Starbuck app. It is able to display ten thousand different customised offers and recommendations and has arguably one of the best use rates of any loyalty program. But the chances that your companies following are as loyal and passionate as the average Starbucks fan are slim, so your options, and your pockets, might not be as deep. But there is no reason to despair. There are a lot of different things you can personalise. However, for the sake of simplicity, let’s focus on the most straightforward ones first:

  1. Signal about who your clients are: Apple watch Anthem spot uses this well. Most large digital advertising platforms have detailed audience insights. Cross-reference this with your own Google Analytics data and find the audiences you want to target with a specific creative.
  2. First-party audience data about what they want: Purchase history, website activity (via Google Analytics), funnel drop off point or search intend. Behaviour from the not so distant past is a pretty good signal in predicting the future. Or what about lifecycle stage data?
  3. Third-party data about context: personalise the creative for device, date and time or location. Or audience data like family size or in-market audience data.

If you are keen to get a full understanding of how we can use the above data sets for your business, feel free to reach out and lets talk about what we can do to personalise your messaging.