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Digital Transformation Services

Digital transformation (services) can mean a lot of different things to different people. We see it as a process where marketing becomes data-driven. Organisations use their data to generate and act on insights with the aim to gain a competitive advantage.

Why are digital transformation services important

The use of data to target, optimise and evaluate your marketing is no longer exclusively available to the lucky few. Developments like the rapid shift to more online customer touchpoints, media consumption, and increasingly intuitive tools have taken shape. Consequently, businesses must use these new tools and techniques to translate data points into actionable insights or alternatively, face smarter competition. You face a competitive landscape where the clever use of data has become a prime source of competitive advantage. However, this is still not acknowledged nor practised widely.

What CMOs say about digital transformation:

Six out of every ten marketing decision-makers said they struggled to access or integrate the data they needed last year. Though this challenge is relatively easy to solve, it requires calculated steps and potentially supported by a digital transformation agency. It starts with mapping the data available, connecting use cases to them, designing processes to get it to the right place, and mapping important stakeholders and tasks.

Three out of every four marketers say the biggest barrier to using data insights is a lack of education and training on data and analytics. Along with this, the second challenge is around evaluating tools and technology. They are needed to adequately manage, derive insight from or activate your data. This stage would involve exploring current tools and evaluating whether pieces of the puzzle are missing. A critical part of this stage would be to get a clear insight into both the costs and the benefits.

One out of every four CMOs is satisfied with the “Digital IQ” in their organisation. This challenge is mostly around people. Last but not least, the questions remain as the following: Have you hired the right skills? Do you need to assess internal or external capabilities to execute in data and the tech-centric world? Have you hired the right partners?

Our digital transformation services will help you identify your goals

We have heard these challenges from CMOs repeatedly. Therefore, the end goal of our “business maturity analysis” is an actionable plan to have a strategy around data. Consequently, one must focus on actioning your data strategy and becoming a bit better every single week.

Companies that have a proactive strategy for using data are more productive and more profitable than their competitors. You can split this journey up in several wider interconnected topics. Thus, the order in which we would go about proceeding towards marketing maturity is as follows:

  1. Culture
  2. People and partnerships
  3. Marketing Technology
  4. Connected Data

Furthermore, feel free to reach out if you think your organisation could benefit from external support. Through analysis, training, and hands-on support, we can help you to speed up your digital transformation. Alternatively, click through on any of the steps above to learn more.