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Connected Data

We see this first piece of our Business Maturity Model as the basis to built on. Does your business actually use the data available to them in different elements of your marketing strategy?

Let’s start with first-party audience connected data

    • Does your web analytics capture all relevant data from the customer journey and the sale?┬áDo you use this information in marketing activations and or creative building?
    • Do you have an audience strategy for retention, loyalty and/or acquisition? Are you aware which audiences drive the most value?
    • Are all of your marketing channels connected to your most important source of data
    • Have you connected offline information to your online audience? Can you follow customers as they interact with different channels?

You should audit this and decide to what extent you are really using your first-party data before venturing out. But once you feel you score reasonably on the above you can explore third party data:

    • Can you buy third party data to use in your marketing funnel? Is there an easy way to test the value this could drive?
    • Can you use third party insights for offline visitor data? Can you derive insights from this data that you can use for marketing activation?
    • Are you using Google Maps data to discover where demand for your products and services resides from?

Organisations that score well on the above use data to determine where their brand fall short. They use data to decide on content creation. They continuously explore the use of data to power marketing goals.