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People and partnerships

We see this first piece of our Business Maturity Model as the basis to built on. Does your business actually use the data available to them in different elements of your marketing strategy?

Strategic Partnerships

    • Who owns data in your organisation? Is (ad tech) data stored centrally?
    • How many external partners do you employ for crucial marketing functions? How often do they align (with internal team)?
    • How do you compensate your partners?

Specialist skills

    • Do you have in house data scientist? How do they engage with marketing?
    • Do you have a dedicated marketing measurement specialist?
    • Do you have channel specialists that understand the fine details of Social, Search or specific Marketing Tech platforms?
    • Do you have a set of shared KPIs across all marketing teams? Do you have measurable outcomes and conditions connected to those?
    • How do you ensure continuous learning across all of your marketing functions? Is there an L&D program in place?

Organisations that score well on the above are able to continuously improve their marketing operations. They have happy and motivated people in their marketing organisation that work together towards a common goal, share information and key learnings. They continuously explore the use of data to get smarter about achieving marketing goals.