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7 Connect Search to Google Analytics

To further enhance the usability of the data you are seeing in your Google Analytics account, let’s connect Search to Analytics. We will talk both paid and natural search. This is an easy but important step with lots of benefits.


Connect Adwords

First, let’s start by checking if your AdWords activity is tracking correctly in your current setup. Inside Google Analytics, select Acquisition from the left-hand navigation bar > Adwords > Keywords

If Adwords data appears, but the number of clicks are significantly lower than anticipated, you should verify that all of the advertiser’s GA and AdWords accounts are linked. This process has to be completed for each account or the to level Adwords Multi-Client Center (MCC). It’s easy to overlook an account or two if you don’t use an MCC.

In the table displayed, look for similar volumes of clicks to what is available in AdWords itself. Make sure (not set) does not appear for a large percentage of the traffic (>10%). Do not panic if you are seeing large differences in conversion data. There are different methodologies for counting conversions in Adwords and Google Analytics which will always lead to data discrepancies.

If no Adwords data appears:

  1. Verify that your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts are linked or just link the two.
  2. Verify that the advertiser is either using auto-tagging or correct manual tagging for GA.

In addition to that, you should connect an Adwords MCC account if you have more then one Adwords account. You can link your Adwords MCC account to Google Analytics, and after that, you never have to worry again. When your marketing team starts a new Adwords account it will be connected to Google Analytics through the MCC. You have now connected paid Search to Analytics.


Connect Search Console

Next, we connect Google natural Search to Analytics (or Search Console as it is called nowadays).

Again, most organisations will be well into this, but if you have not set up your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy yet, we would advise you to set up your Search Console account (instructions) and connect and configure it to Google Analytics so that you can measure what the effect is of the efforts you are putting into setting up your Search Console. Once connected you should be seeing some of the data you normally see in the Search Console in Google Analytics.

search analytics

You have a very decent explanation of how to manage your site with Search Console here. We will soon have a similar ten-step best practices approach to setting up your Search Console ready here.

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