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Omnichannel Marketing Solutions

Consumers everywhere expect an easy transition from ideas they research online to finding what they need in the physical world. That means challenges as well as opportunities for marketers who have traditionally looked at online and offline in silos. This leads to marketers coming up with Omnichannel Marketing solutions addressing every need of the consumer.

The vast majority of commerce still happens offline. In shops between people, via a call center, or through a combination of all those. In some markets, two-thirds happens offline, but in most markets, it is around ninety percent. Yet, when we look at how people buy goods and services offline, a lot has changed in the last decade. People research online and enter the purchasing process better informed than ever before. And with a phone in their pocket!

Making sure your digital house is in order has become the most efficient way to drive offline results. Moreover, Those that know how to use digital to drive omnichannel solutions will be the ones that thrive. For the larger businesses, those that operate in solos will not be able to compete as customers expect a seamless experience independent of what entity of a business they deal with.

On top of this, If you are keen for some quick and dirty insights into opportunities to grow your Store Visits, this tool provides you with some quick starting points to focus on. Beyond those recommendations, I would start with ensuring people are able to find your physical locations when they are in the market for your goods or services and near your store. But let’s not stop there. This is the order in which I would go about things:

  1. Claim Google Maps listing(s)

  2. Set up Google My Business (GMB) account

  3. Use GMB to drive footfall

  4. Local Advertising through Google Maps ads

  5. Store Visit Reporting

  6. Enable omnichannel bidding

  7. Drive incremental footfall

  8. Google Analytics Store Visits

  9. Custom offline solution(s)
  10. Call tracking

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