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7 Drive incremental footfall

Let’s start by thinking about what it is we want to achieve with your marketing strategy. If your business, in whatever way shape or form, is involved in offline commerce, chances are that you should have a plan to drive more consumers onto your premises.

Fix the basics

Make sure you do not start on the below without having completed the earlier steps in this sections. To make sure you did, I will repeat them one more time.

  • Google My Business account setup
  • Use GMB features such as posts, have fresh photos up and respond to questions
  • Connect GMB to Google Ads
  • Activate Location Extensions & Local Search Ads
  • Create local ad campaigns
  • Understand Store Visits
  • Omnichannel bidding

Expand Keywords coverage

Local keywords are a critical factor in getting your ads in front of the right people at the right time. Create landing pages specifically for local, where on-page keyword usage, as well as clear directions and information on local availability and directions, boosts your content’s omnichannel performance. If you want to attract new prospects, you will need to work out what keywords they’re searching for and create useful, helpful and fresh content, based specifically on those keywords and for certain locations.

Content strategy

Once you figure out what keywords are important for your business you should create rich ad copies. No matter what you’re writing – store directions, social media ads, landing pages – the headline is crucial. A relevant headline will always outperform a generic one. You should start thinking about what those titles might be, and vary them based on the context of the user.

Schedule posts or updates to the content of your website (more) frequently and ensure you offer offline conversion options, such as sharing, saving or emailing specific content for later use.

Drive Footfall through Local Campaigns

Local Campaigns use Google data to find and target customers across properties

A local campaign is focused on simplicity and exclusively driving offline goals for advertisers. The advertiser provides their store locations, campaign budget, call to actions and relevant creatives. Using these inputs, Google’s machine learning technology will automatically optimise bids, ad placements and creative combinations to maximise store visits, and promote your advertisers’ locations across Google properties and networks (Search, Business Profile, GDN, Maps, & YouTube).

Test and iterate

There are a lot of different ways to test different local strategies. Make sure your strategy is validated through testings and does not just rely on assumptions.