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8 Google Analytics Store Visits

Being able to correlate offline success metrics with your online marketing strategy and your website is unique and possible. If your business, in whatever way shape or form, is involved in offline commerce, chances are that you are very interested in creating this insight. Good news, it is not that difficult. But first, let me tell you what it would enable:

Marketing Channels

Google Analytics will tell you what marketing channels were most successful at driving people (via your website) to your stores. You can segment on the standard channel groupings or dive deeper and look at campaign level store visit rates. So far what we recommend is to look at different players that are in direct competition with each other, and use this data to evaluate the quality of the traffic. Different display or social networks or search engines can have wildly different store visit rates.

Geo Reporting

Google Analytics will tell you what location people last looked at your website before visiting your stores. You can segment this report on city and country-level and find regions where your stores seem to be popular. You can use this insight to evaluate local marketing efforts in those cities and countries and spot opportunities for growth and improvement.

No owned and operated stores?

Even if you are a manufacturer or consumer good company, we can get store visits into your Google Analytics account for specific (third party) retailers.

Curious? Get in touch and we can explain how to get there.