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4 Local Advertising through Google Maps ads

Advertising on Google Maps is a powerful way to highlight your business to customers that are in the vicinity looking for your product or service. It is hyper-targeted and aims to bring people with the highest purchasing intent through your door. For potential customers, this ad format makes it easy to find you by highlighting your physical location at the time when people are looking for it. Enabling is simple, just turn on Location Extensions for each of your Google Ads accounts.

You are able to target these ads exclusively around your stores, but rather than setting these conditions manually, we would recommend to let Google’s AI determine when serving this ad is (not) relevant. Google Maps ads are priced through normal Search methodology, cost per click, or part of your automated settings when you allow for omnichannel auto bidding. Advertisers pay for:

  • Get location detail clicks
  • Get direction clicks
  • Mobile clicks-to-call clicks
  • Website clicks

Google Maps Ads (or Local Search Ads as they are officially named) can be restricted to serve in a specific area in or around your shop(s) if you insist. They are always a good idea and easy to implement once your Google My Business account is fully set up. Having this set up through is a condition for enabling Google’s flagship O2O reporting metric – Store Visits.