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2 Manage your presence on Google Maps

A Google My Business account is never finished nor fully optimised. You will always need to update the information displayed on it, and respond to customer questions and feedback. In order to do so effectively, we recommend you create a Google My Business account that is centrally managed (if you have more than one location), but where possible, locally updated.

Create a Google My Business account

Google My Business is a free tool to help you manage manage your presence on Google Maps. By confirming and actively managing your details your listing is a lot more likely to be shown against search queries on both Google Search and Google Maps.

It will create more impressions of your listing, more click throughs to your website, more direction requests and more calls. Depending on the market and the amount of category competitors that claimed and actively managed their listing, it would vary. But I have never seen it less than three fold, or more than eight fold when looking at country averages.

Anyone interested in making sure consumers find their way to their business premises should activate their Google My Business account as soon as possible.

What if I have multiple locations?

  • You have a choice to bulk upload your locations in one go or add a manager gMail account ( per individual listing so they all add up to one single sign-in
  • You can make location groups to give individuals access to subsets of your locations.

What will this enable?

After setting up a centrally managed GMB account, you will get unique insights into how consumers find you, where they are when they find you, and how they choose to interact with you. Using these insights to influence marketing decisions and actions will support your business KPIs.

For example, if you sells items on your website you are likely to be interested in measuring the number of purchases that your advertising generated. Alternatively, other advertisers may be interested in how many leads or newsletter signups they generated. While, some other advertisers may want to measure how many calls or app downloads their AdWords advertising provided. But with ninety percent of commerce happening offline, if you do not take offline results into account you are very likely not getting the most from your marketing investment.