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2 Add WebSite Property

Step-by-step guide to add website property to Google Search Sonsole.

After creating your Google account, or loggin into your existing account, login to Search Console with your Google account here.

To add your website, click on the “ADD A PROPERTY” button that will ask to enter the site URL. Enter your site domain (ie.

search console property

After providing the site domain, you will be asked to verify the site ownership by uploading one html file to your site’s root directory. After that, you load the file in your site in browser (ie. By visiting this html file in url, Google can identify that you are the owner of site and allow you to setup the Search Console for that specific url.

The verification process consists of following four steps:
search console verification


  1. Download this HTML verification file. [googletestabc123.html]
  2. Upload the file to
  3. Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.
  4. Click Verify below.


Visit the html file (step3) click on the “verify button” to complete verification.