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2 Customise Google Chrome

The second step is to download, sign in to and customise Google Chrome. I would do this with my personal Gmail account, so that you control all the bookmarks you like to use (and for privacy obviously). First download Google Chrome and sign in subsequently.

This then allows you to install some useful chrome extensions. These extensions give valuable feedback on what and/or how well you are currently tracking visitor activity on your website. Must haves include Google Tag Assistant and Ghostery. Another really useful extensions is the Great Suspender.

Let me explain why these three Google Chrome extensions should be useful for you.

Our first recommendation is the Google Google Tag Assistant chrome extension. This extension will spot a lot of the common mistakes in your Google Analytics tagging setup, and link directly to help articles that will explain a solution. A tag is a piece of code that is installed on a certain webpage to enable measurement. There are very few pieces of marketing technology that could function without tagging up your digital properties.

Have a look at this three and a half minute instructional video if you would like some additional context about this extension.



Ghostery allows you to spot any tag that is firing off a specific page, so you know what tags are firing. A lot of businesses are unaware of tags that are firing of products that are not being used anymore. First of all, this slows down your pages for no reason at all. Secondly, you are leaking your customer information to third parties with whom you do not have any contractual relationship. Do you know what is happening with this information?

The BuiltWith extension will give you an idea of the wider technology that your (competitors) website is using.

Eventually, your Google Chrome, or Firefox, might look like this.

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