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6 Install Adwords Remarketing tag

Let’s start by having a look at the video below to get an idea of how we can use Google Tag Manager to install the Adwords Remarketing tag.

Install Adwords Remarketing tag in Google Tag Manager

Let’s proceed and install our first tag. Or two. Log into your Google Tag Manager account and click on the name of the container you want to edit. Click on “add a new tag”.

adwords remarketing tag manager


You can then choose a tag template. I would recommend any site to install both the Google Analytics and the Adwords remarketing tag.  Click on remarketing.

adwords remarketing tag manager

If you do not have an Adwords account, you can’t proceed here. You would need to open one first, and follow the steps above to pull the “conversion id” from that Adwords account. If you are struggling to find the conversion id, you might be missing the following.


attribution modeling adwords


In that section you will find the Conversion ID and/or you can mail it to yourself. Put it into the Conversion ID field. Next you are asked to specify your custom parameters. Even if you are not keen to use dynamic remarketing at one point, I would advise to set it up immediately by implementing the datalayer to pull in the page urls, or any of the others that might be more relevant for your business.

Attribution Modeling Tool in AdWords

Next you select the trigger, and for the Adwords Remarketing tag, it makes sense to drop it on all pages.


Step by Step adwords remarketing installation

As soon as you press “create tag” the container you are working on editing will have the Adwords Remarketing tag in it. You can then preview your new container as per the screenshot below.

Attribution Modeling Tool in AdWords

As soon as you hit the red Publish button in the top right corner your tag is live. Congrats, you have successfully installed the Adwords Remarketing tag. We will explain how to capitalise on this Audience list in the Digital Advertising get started guide.

Let’s proceed to the next step and install one more tag.

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