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4 Paid versus free tag management

You have some important questions that you need to answer in order to start your tag management solution consideration. The main ones are the security and service level that your organisation needs. You can choose between free and paid solutions. Personally, I think that ninety five percent of businesses out there, a free solution should do the job.

At an audit we performed on the largest advertisers in the UK towards the end of 2015, we found that the free version of Google Tag Manager was by far the most used solution (Disclosure – author works at Google). Also in this top segment of the largest advertisers in the UK.

For companies that need a service level agreement in order to implement any new technology, a paid solution is more appropriate. A lot of financial institutions have very strong conditions for implementing a new pieces of technology.

From the paid solutions, Signal (Formerly known as Brighttag), Tealium and Ensighten are the most popular solutions. Google Tag Managers paid version is also available. Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Management is popular with companies that are already using the Adobe solutions. And solutions like Tagman, DC Storm Tag Management and Qubit hold smaller but still significant shares of the market.

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