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4 Choose Hosting solution wisely

Let me share my experience with getting this website up and running and choosing my hosting. I was not really aware of how important selecting a good hosting company is. When I did the speed check I was consistently getting “reduce server response time” feedback.


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Your hosting solution and server response time

I was using shared hosting. It was cheap, but I was not getting much in return. Sometimes my server responded in less then o.3 second, sometimes in more then four seconds. As I was sharing a server with numerous others, it was unreliable due to others overusing resources.

Another option is getting dedicated hosting. A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. It is for those that have a lot of traffic and understand how to manage server technologies. You might want to invest in someone knowing what they are doing if you qualify for the first condition (high traffic) and not for the second (understand servers).

For most businesses, this is not a realistic option. So basically, you have two options left.

The first one is the Virtual Private Server. When I complained to my shared hosting provider about the wild variance in server response time, I got the following response:

We currently have an average response time of 259ms for the website on your domain name with peaks of a few seconds. With each web hosting on a shared platform where you will notice fluctuations. However, these fluctuations are not always consistent and are influenced by many different factors. You are using a web hosting package on the shared platform where you share the resources of a server with multiple clients. This can affect the response time of other individual websites like yours. Depending on the amount of your visitors that you have, you might be better of with your own VPS (Virtual Private Server). In this case you will have your own server with its own resources and your site should have a more consistent performance.

VPS is a great alternative and do not necessarily cost a lot more then the shared hosting option. Beware of he fact that there are many different prices and quality services. This option often come with additional services like backups, automatic updates and more.

Managed Hosting

Another option is managed hosting.

This could be specific for your WordPress site or any other platform you have chosen to work with. I have found a great tool to discover and compare managed hosting services. You can filter on platform, server location, hosting type, top features, control panel and many more factors. Or you could simply check the reviews.

On the down-side, there may be some restrictions on what you can and can not do if you take the managed hosting route. The host may disable some plugins and themes due to speed or security concerns.