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6 Prioritise above the fold content

To prioritise above the fold content is simple and makes total sense. Above the fold content is the portion of a Web page that is visible in a browser window when the page first loads. If this part of a page loads slowly, that is when users do not see a page rendering properly. And bounce. To make pages load faster, limit the size of the data (HTML markup, images, CSS, JavaScript) that is needed to render the above-the-fold content of your page. There are several ways Google suggests to do this:

Load the main content of your page first. Structure your page so the initial response from your server sends the data necessary to render the critical part of the page immediately and defer the rest. This may mean that you must split your CSS into two parts. An inline part that is responsible for styling the ATF portion of the content, and the part that can be deferred.

above the fold contentATF

Google provided following examples of how a site could be restructured to load faster.

  • If your HTML loads third-party widgets before it loads the main content, change the order to load the main content first.
  • If your site uses a two-column design with a navigation sidebar and an article, but your HTML loads the sidebar before the article, consider loading the article first.