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1 Is my website slow?

Should you do a site speed test? Off course. How? There are a few ways of finding out how well your site performs on pagespeed. Let me go through some of the best resources to answer that question and explain which ones I like to use to answer the question whether or not pagespeed is holding back the performance of your website.

Google Analytics Site Speed

You can go into your Google Analytics account and open the Behavior section. You will find Site Speed section there, which will give you a good steer on how your pages are performing. Please note that the Google Analytics definition of “Average Page Load Time” is a measure that counts the time it takes for the last element of a page to load. What you notice is when a page is fully rendered. These two are very different.

Google Page Speed Tool

The Speed Suggestions report (in Google Analytics > Behavior > Site speed) links to the Google Page Speed insights tool. This tool is accessible by anyone and can give you instant to-do list if you want to work on improving site speed. If you have never entered your your main pages into this tool, you really should do so asap. It will give you a steer on what needs to be fixed. If you have anything in red I would advise you to address it. As you can tell from the screenshot below, when I was writing this content, we were doing “ok-ish” on desktop (no feedback in red), but we had several things to fix on mobile (average score of 63 in red).

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.09.30 PM


There is a wonderful overview of the rules it applies to come up with those recommendations here if you are keen to dive in deep.

Other handy tools are use by a lot of people are Pingdom and Webpagetest.org. Both give you very detailed feedback on what is slowing down your page. And both are free to use.