2016 Internet Trends Report

If you work in technology or marketing you should read the yearly Mary Meeker internet trends report. Mary Meeker is a Kleiner Perkins partner. She has become a legend for publishing this 213 slide report of the most critical stats and trends about how technology is evolving. If you do not have the time to go through it in that depth, read the Techcrunch article. Or alternatively read my synopsis below.

Most interesting Mary Meeker internet trends

  • Mobile is fueling US online advertising acceleration. Facebook is leading the way (59 percent), followed by Google (18 percent) and then the other at 13 percent (slide here)
  • Advertisers still spend to much on Print, Radio and TV, and not enough on the web – especially mobile. Businesses that nail mobile now could get a big head start before everyone else shifts spend there (slide here)
  • Ad blocking is up 94% YoY on mobile lead by China and India (slide here)
  • The rise of video and image sharing is driving more is driving more usage to visual apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, instead of text heavy apps like Twitter or LinkedIn (slide here)
  • Snapchat is winning because it combines personal communication, user-generated broadcasting and professional content in one app (slide here)
  • Voice is the next big interface as voice recognition accuracy and latency are finally at acceptable levels, and mobile voice commands easier than typing (slide here)
  • The global top 20 internet companies, many of whom are aggressively buying start ups and competitors to stay on top (slide here)
  • Data is growing more powerful as storage prices drop and capture devices proliferate. New tools are empowering everyone in a company to make decisions with data (slide here)
  • Cybercrime remains a huge problem with individuals and businesses needing to beef up security (slide here)