Up Analytics offers Marketing & Omnichannel Consultancy

Up Analytics is a boutique digital agency focused on supporting in-house marketing teams. We support clients globally with digital knowledge, processes and a large network of trusted specialists. We aim to help you(r team) become better at what you do.

Our speciality is working with performance-driven businesses. We prefer to work alongside your business’ marketing team and partners to implement structural improvements to marketing tools, digital strategies and processes, and/or your partners and people. Our clients have experienced an increased profitability from optimising current and/or deploying new digital strategies.

Up Analytics’ expertise

Our scope on online marketing is across both of on the Google’s platforms, Google Marketing Platform and the Google Ads side of the spectrum. On omnichannel we can talk Google Maps, but also have solutions for Apple and Bing Maps, TripAdvisor, Here, local social pages on Instagram and Facebook, and most other relevant networks. On measuring results, we have a lot of experience with the use of Google Analytics.

How did Up Analytics start…

Up Analytics was founded by Michel who worked as a measurement specialist at Google London for almost eight years. Michel was tasked with solving customer problems Google account teams were struggling with. He worked on educating the largest London based Google clients on the smart use of measurement techniques. After thirteen years of working with the some of Google’s largest clients on interesting problems, there are very few issues we have not dealt with before.

Curious? If so, let’s do a coffee soon? We have boots on the ground in London, Bangkok and our main office in s-Hertogenbosch:


Up Analytics

(European Analytics B.V.)

Walpoort 10

5211 DK ’s-Hertogenbosch

The Netherlands

Up Analytics Location

JADS Business Campus in ‘s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands