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Home and landing page

You have one chance to make a first impression. It is usually a make or break moment. We are ready to help you discover some of the weak points in your landing or home page(s). The real question is whether you are ready to test, learn and implement the insights that good landing page testing will uncover. The main factors that determine succes are pretty straightforward. We like to divide them in three stages.

To survive the first stage, you need to show visitors you respect their time. Your visitor has come to your site and the first questions (s)he will subconsciously attempt to answer isĀ  “are these guys worth my time”? This question is answered in a split second. No-one still reads a webpage, people skim and read bits and pieces to answer that question as quickly as they can. Do you have a clear CTA and a strong value proposition (above the fold)? Your homepage should align with the top priorities set by your business. Have you cleared the clutter or are you trying to sell every product under the sun on your landing page? No more full page interstitials or automatically moving carrousels, right?

The second stage, is slightly more subconscious or emotional. How is your “look and feel”, and does that align with your target audience(s)? Does it reflect your core values? Lots of folks will be looking to avoid a mistake, and hence “social proof” needs to be there. What other businesses have bought your services? How many consumers use this? What is the number of consumers that have provided feedback along with the score?

If you have survived the above two test, well done. There is a reason why bounce rates are still sky high. At this stage, visitors might be looking to further extend their stay in your digital store, and attempt to answer more detailed questions. Where can they buy your product or service? Is it available in a certain format? Do you cater for a specific use case? In this stage, it is important your navigation is logical and follows conventional wisdom for scrolling through a website. Are you using legible font sizes? Is your menu clear and labeled? Can I easily find your top categories in the navigation?

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