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Our Google My Business tool will help you boost your online visibility

What is Google My Business? 

Google My Business is used by businesses that want to efficiently manage their online presence on Google platforms, such as Google Search and Google Maps. By providing relevant and up-to-date information, businesses increase their visibility and make it easier for (potential) customers to find them. 

Whether your business operates on a regional or a national level, Google My Business is a key factor in managing your brand and engaging with new customers. Therefore, your top priority as a business owner should be making your stores visible on Local Search.

Why is Local Search important?

Local search near me


Local Search is where Google shows the top relevant results after a user types in a location query in the search engine. Local search is what is performed when you type terms such as:         

  “restaurants near me”

  “vegan restaurants in {city name}”

The focus of local SEO is to make sure all potential aspects that can classify a business on a local level, are accurate and consistent.


Statistics show that 76% of the people who conducted a local search on their mobile phone, have visited the physical location of that business within one day and 88% have done the same within one week. What’s more, 78% of the local-based searches end up in an offline purchase. Therefore, organisations cannot afford to lose the opportunity to gain potential leads through Google My Business.

Our Google My Business tool

It’s no secret that the set-up and maintenance of dozens of listings on Google Maps can be a tedious process. What you want is to be able to make changes and draw conclusions on-the-go. And oh yeah – you do not really have time to check everything constantly, you need a system to highlight optimisation opportunities.  

Having an overview of all your listings in one place would allow you to quickly manage stores while investing less than an hour on a weekly basis. Can it get any simpler than that? Keep reading if you want to learn more about the different perks our Google My Business tool can offer. 

Data Quality Overview

One of the most critical success factors for winning a lot of Discovery Search impressions on Google is having a complete and up-to-date listings. If your physical locations exceed ten, managing your data efficiently can be a time-consuming process. Google has a great reporting functionality, but exclusively at a listing level. With our Google My Business tool, you have all of your locations’ data in one place and pinpointing the unfinished listings becomes a ten-minute job. From location address through communication channels and working hours to extra informative attributes such as whether your store offers delivery services, contactless payments, or curbside delivery to deal with customers worried about COVID-19 situation

Core KPIs available on GMB Overview click-through

After setting up your contact information and communication channels, you are ready to look at your core KPI’s for Google my Business.  Your main KPI is the number of impressions you get from various different types of local search queries. As a secondary KPI, we usually recommend to look at the micro-conversions for the entire location group. Those micro-conversions come in the form of click-throughs, calls, posts actions and navigation requests. Do you wonder what exactly that is? 

It is a click on the buttons to call or drive to the physical location of the business or visit their website. Monitoring this information will allow you to understand the customer journey better.  You will be able to find optimisations, and your potential customers will be able to easily find their way to your location via the channel of their choice. With our Google My Business tool, you will be able to monitor and optimise your customers local search journey.

Engage with customers

google-my-business-toolCustomer reviews are key to local SEO. Everyone likes to see how well their products and services are perceived, therefore it’s always a pleasure to insert a “thank you” comment. Or even better, a nice personalised response that also includes information you would like potential customers to know about your business.

However, many owners fail to respond to negative reviews, which is a missed opportunity in terms of both gaining online visibility and earning customers trust. You can easily track review responses (or the lack of them) across all your listings and make sure that you get the best of your online presence while increasing your customer-to-store percentage. Our tool tells you exactly how your different location score on reply rate and how fast they respond. It will also tell you if customers adjust their response after yours. 

And for those that have a huge amount of comments, we can include “sentiment analysis” so you know how you score on “service” this week versus the last.

Looking to expand to new locations?

Our tool consists of sixteen reports bundled in relevant groups in one dashboard. Based on the data gathered via navigation requests, we provide you with a visual on where your customers are navigating from. You can see in one simple overview all the (PII safe) postal code area outlining potential locations for opening new stores or doing (out-of-door) advertisement.   

Schedule a free online consultation

If you are curious about what Up Analytics can do for your business, email us and we will contact you within three working days to schedule your free consultation and a demo of our omnichannel Google My Business tool! Depending on your business needs we will provide you with not only the solution but also the know-how for better managing your customers’ needs. With clients from all around the globe and direct Google expertise for over 13 years, there is little room for problems we haven’t encountered before.