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6 Omnichannel bidding

Whatever it is you do, when potential customers are looking for your products or services in a specific location, you want them to consider you(r business). Does it matter to you if your clients buy online or walk into the store near them? If it does, is it a dealbreaker if they have a different preference?

By exclusively bidding on online conversions you are bidding down on potential customers that are more likely to walk into your store. After all, if a store is near, why go through the hassle of ordering online? With new product innovations for both SA360 and Google Ads, you can now not just make your ad, landing page and messaging relevant independent of your customers individual preference, but also your bid strategy. Feel free to reach out, we are happy to support the activation and testing of omnichannel bidding.

It can be difficult to win the right auctions and be on the first page of the Google paid search results if consumers search for a category or generic keywords (especially for certain locations). But if consumers are searching for your category, and you are not there, you have a problem. Ensuring you take on and offline customer purchase likelihood into account can help you win, and loose, the right auctions.