5 Store Visits Reporting

Store Visit conversion reporting measures the number of people that have visited one of your stores after engaging with Google Ads. This creates a vary valuable feedback loop to use for optimising your online marketing with. Especially for businesses whom have a significant part of their interactions with clients happening offline. At a minimum, omni channel advertisers gain a better understanding of how digital campaigns drive footfall.

In order to qualify for Store Visits conversions one must:

  • Have multiple physical store locations, or a lot of footfall in one location in one of the twenty markets that have launched.
  • Consistently receive thousands of ad clicks and viewable impressions.
  • Have a Google My Business account linked to your Google Ads account.
  • Create each of your store locations in your Google My Business account.
  • Have at least 90% of your linked locations verified in Google My Business.
  • Ensure location extensions are active across your account(s) across Search, Display and YouTube.
  • Have sufficient store visits data to attribute ad click or viewable impressions traffic and pass our user privacy and modelling thresholds.

Next, it’s critical to get a holistic view of your conversions to measure the full impact of your ads across online and offline channels.  A recent study of over 140 advertisers globally showed that Google Search and Shopping ads drive a substantial number of incremental store visits across a wide range of verticals — these are visits that wouldn’t have happened if a user hadn’t engaged with a Google ad. They also influence more valuable purchase behaviour once someone arrives at your store.

To give you better insight into omni-channel performance, use these Store Visit reporting numbers alongside distance and geographic reporting for store visits to make smarter decisions about location targeting and bidding around your stores. You can also dive into time lag reporting for Store Visits, showing you the delay between the ad engagement and the actual visit.

If you are keen to use this to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour, that is great. But that does not change your bottom line. If you want to drive marketing efficiencies, please read on about omnichannel bidding on the next page.