New integrations between Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce

Connect your offline and online customer data

At Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference, Marc Benioff, Diane Greene and Sridhar Ramaswamy have announced a first-of-its-kind partnership between Salesforce and Google. It included integrations between Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce, as well as additional partnerships between Salesforce, Google Cloud Platform and G Suite. The news is now live on the GA blog.

This partnership represents an exciting step toward helping businesses (those with integrations between Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce) bring together their advertising, marketing, and sales data, with Analytics 360 serving as a foundation for insights and actionability. By extending measurement and execution to offline touch points and other channels tracked in Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, these integrations will significantly enhance marketers ability to engage with clients throughout the sales process.

It also adds value to Analytics 360 and positions the wider GA360 Suite as the measurement platform of choice for Enterprise & Advanced customers, and a must have for all marketers that want to go above and beyond.

How does this impact Google Analytics 360?

First of all, data from Sales Cloud will be available in Analytics 360 for use in goal creation, attribution, bid optimization and audience creation. And vice versa, reporting from Analytics 360 will be visible in the Marketing Cloud reporting UI. An example of that would be that audiences created in Analytics 360 will be available in Marketing Cloud for activation via email and SMS. This will also be a two way street, with customer interactions from Marketing Cloud being available in Analytics 360 for use in creating audience lists.

Who is this for? What’s next?

Salesforce and Google Analytics
Partnership extends to more than just Google Analytics

The announced integrations will be available for Analytics 360 clients who are also using Salesforce Sales Cloud or Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Integrations are currently in development and expected to launch throughout 2018 with more details to follow, so there are very few things live already. Note that this integration is available for Analytics 360 (paid) only.

For those looking to do something immediately or on the free version of Google Analytics, I would still refer to our earlier post on connecting Google Analytics with Salesforce. It contains a handy implementation guide.