Proctor and Gamble cleans up their media supply chain

Proctor Gamble lays down new standard for agencies, publishers and ad tech companies

You might not think Proctor and Gamble are the most digitally savvy, but P&G’s Chief Brand Officer (Mr Pritchard) explained his framework for developing advertising that’s a force for growth during the 2017 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.

P&G’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard.

As Chair, Pritchard has called for a transparent media supply chain to enable marketers and agencies to get the time and money to invest in better advertising. He explains himself making these five demands to all his partners in the supply chain:

  1. Adapt one view ability standard
  2. Implement accredited 3rd party measurement verification solutions
  3. Transparent agency contracts (to create joint value)
  4. Address online ad fraud through partners such as TAG
  5. Channel money to where results are best

If this made you curious, watch the presentation here or read about it in Adage here.