Meta Announces Beta Integration with Google Analytics 4


Connect Google Analytics 4 with Meta from within the platform. Have you noticed a pop-up in Meta, informing you about the possibility to connect GA4 with Meta directly from the platform?  It means you are part of a small and (very) limited beta roll-out!  What are the benefits?  What this new Beta will bring to […]

Google Analytics 4 Keeps Evolving: Latest Releases You Can’t Miss


An Overview of the Most Important GA4 Updates Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing digital landscape. Over the past six months, several noteworthy features have been added to the platform. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of what’s new: The Latest Release: Real-Time Report Enhancements As of today, you can […]

Google Blocking Third-Party cookies by default

The impact of the warning “Third-party cookies will be blocked” in your console. Have you noticed a huge warning in your console stating “ Third-party cookies will be blocked. Learn more in the issues tab.”? You are facing the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome, and this is your warning to take action before it’s […]

How to Export and Safe Your Universal Analytics Data

An Essential Guide on How to Export Your Universal Analytics Data Before Deprecation On the 1st of July 2024, Universal Analytics, the previous version of Google analytics 4 will officially cease to exist. Therefore, it’s important for businesses who are measuring user behaviour on this platform, to migrate the data to an alternative host. Thankfully, […]

Building a Compliant Consent Banner for Google Analytics 4


Best practices of a compliant consent banner Implementing a consent banner on your website can be daunting. There are many different things you need to think about, and on the search for a compliant consent banner, all you find is expensive platforms that sell their banner to you. But what if you just want to […]

How to benefit from Enhanced Conversions with GA4


Enhanced conversions with GA4   With recent technological developments, tracking users online has become increasingly difficult. Advertisers face constant challenges in our cookieless future. With new legislation being introduced on regular basis (think of GDPR and popular browsers blocking third-party parties), it has made it harder for us as analysts and marketeers to understand our […]

Unveiling the best local SEO tools

Empowering businesses to dominate local search Consumers are constantly searching for products and services online. Local businesses need to ensure they have a strong online presence – and usually have the business acumen to handle this. We see that for chain businesses, this is often not the case. Why is this? Let’s start with why […]

Set up a Google Web Property in Google Analytics

Curious to set up a Google Web property? Businesses can now set up a Web & App property in Google Analytics without losing functionality in their existing web properties. Detailed step by step guide here. Well worth a read and no reason now not to move forward on this.

Potential Keyword Research: The Key To Growing Traffic & Revenue


There is absolutely no way that you can think up – and then target – all of the possible keyword search terms which may drive traffic to your site.  Every single niche can be looked at in hundreds of different ways and you will have to choose just a few approaches when you start your […]

Connect Salesforce CRM to Google Analytics

Found this implementation guide on how to connect Salesforce to Google Analytics a few days ago. Quiet a cool step by step guide on how to connect Google Analytics with Salesforce. There are a lot of different ways in which you can connect any CRM system to Google Analytics. All of them involve the capture of a key […]