Developing Small Business Social Media Strategies 2017

Social Media in 2017 is not expected to be one of the largest budget items by marketing executives for the enterprise and strategic communications industries. However, a successful business has to develop a well thought out and tactically viable social media strategy.

Nearly every global company has unknowingly developed a corporate achilles heel.  Learn the three critical “must include” strategies before your company’s Social Media strategies fail.

Small Business Social Media Strategies

Developing enterprise-level social media strategies at first glance can appear overwhelming however it really comes down to one simple, yet often unremembered maxim: ‘go where your audience is, listen and then engage’. It’s really that simple.

As your company’s marketer, you’ve been charged with developing profitable Social Media strategies while building customer trust, but how?

Three Critical “Must Include” Small Business Social Media Strategies

Strategy 1: Listen first, and then listen again

All Social Media is based on conversations. Remember, you need to treat every conversation, tweet, Facebook update or blog post as if you were sitting across the table at a restaurant talking to with an old client.
No matter how big your company may be, don’t waste precious marketing dollars developing audience research profiles and consumer insight reports…rather just listen.

Strategy 2: Quick Close The Seller and Buyer Gap

The faster your company bridges the Social gap between your company and your potential clients on the social web the faster your company gains critical strategic insights. Each movement towards full closure helps your Social Marketing team develop and deploy specific and profitable Social Media strategies you’ll need.