New COVID-19 features: Google My Business support for businesses

The new COVID-19 features Google My Business has introduced with respect to the current situation are a fact. We received a long-anticipated and highly relevant email yesterday. It was from the GMB API team. It read; as a valued Google My Business API user, we want to alert you of several newly launched features that […]

How behavioral science, Big Data analysis and ad targeting changes elections

Big Data analysis and ad targeting changes elections Fantastic insight from this Vice article on Trumps US elections campaign and Cambridge Analytica’s use of psychoanalysis to steer personality based ad targeting. My professional side finds it interesting to read how surprised they are that a amazingly well targeted and executed advertising campaign can create results. My […]

Developing Small Business Social Media Strategies 2017


Social Media in 2017 is not expected to be one of the largest budget items by marketing executives for the enterprise and strategic communications industries. However, a successful business has to develop a well thought out and tactically viable social media strategy. Nearly every global company has unknowingly developed a corporate achilles heel.  Learn the three critical “must […]