Enhanced conversions with GA4

Enhanced Conversions in a cookie-less future With recent technological developments, tracking users online has become increasingly difficult. Advertisers face constant challenges in our cookieless future. With new legislation being introduced on regular basis (think of GDPR and popular browsers blocking third-party parties), it has made it harder for us as analysts and marketeers to understand our […]

Top 3 Google products that helped businesses survive 2020

Top 3 Google products that helped businesses survive 2020 Google has been pleasantly surprising both business owners and customers throughout 2020. What started out as a support on local search by introducing specific COVID-19 attributes and updates, has turned into completely shifting the user experience in alignment to the already changed customer behaviour. Here’s an […]

Amazon is growing fast

Some interesting stats on Amazon. First, there seem to be “only four Brands left” in the US not selling on Amazon, here. Google is claiming Amazon’s DSP is now larger than its’ own here. Jeff Bezos is also thinking about the climate. But that is not all he is working on, as sales in the […]

Nike Retail Strategy

Nike is thinking less is more If you have not read this yet, do have a read. Nike has a new vision for retail and is placing a heavy emphasis on direct-to-consumer channels through Nike.com and its own retail stores. To amplify sales through its wholesale distribution channels, Nike has identified only 40 retail partners, […]

Firefox ETP live across default browsers

Firefox Enhanced Tracking Prevention live Mozilla recently announced that their Enhanced Tracking Protection features are now live by default across browsers for new users. For users with existing browser versions, this setting will require a manual update so we expect roll-out and impact to ramp gradually. For new users who install and download Firefox for […]

How behavioral science, Big Data analysis and ad targeting changes elections

Big Data analysis and ad targeting changes elections Fantastic insight from this Vice article on Trumps US elections campaign and Cambridge Analytica’s use of psychoanalysis to steer personality based ad targeting. My professional side finds it interesting to read how surprised they are that a amazingly well targeted and executed advertising campaign can create results. My […]

2016 Internet Trends Report

If you work in technology or marketing you should read the yearly Mary Meeker internet trends report. Mary Meeker is a Kleiner Perkins partner. She has become a legend for publishing this 213 slide report of the most critical stats and trends about how technology is evolving. If you do not have the time to go through […]