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We see this first piece of our Business Maturity Model as the environment in which the right sort of behaviour and people flourish. Employees buy into a culture before they buy into your mission. Does your business have a plan in place to create the right sort of behaviour and mindset in each elements of your marketing strategy?

Senior sponsorship by CEO or CMO

    • Empowerment. If your leadership team thinks driving a culture that empowers people is a waste of time, your organisation is doomed. Empowered people is what leads to the right sort of behaviour and the sense of psychological safety that encourages responsible risk taking.
    • Data. If your leadership team thinks investing in better data is a waste of time, and prefers to follow their gut, because they have been successful in the past, your organisation will eventually fall behind. Data driven decision making is what leads to the right sort of outcomes.

Cross-functional and agile teams

    • Co-locate teams that work together or should be working together better. Rotate people and teams within those areas to ensure barriers to communication are limited to the bare minimum.
    • Rotate between teams to break down cross functional barriers and encourage internal mobility.
    • Small teams continually test new things. Monthly goals that are evaluated rigorously and according to pre agreed set of KPIs.
    • These new teams report in to the most senior level to ensure the right level of support for any organisational roadblocks the teams might encounter.

Test and learn and share both success and failure

    • Every assumption is tested. What can you test up with an A/B test? The highest paid person opinion (Hippo) is tested, verified and refined where necessary.
    • Tests are set up continuously. Ideally they run for a month or so, so learnings can be gotten and applied continuously.
    • Celebrate success and failure. Learn from both and reward both equally. Failure is fine as long as it accomplished fast.

Organisations that score well on the above are able to continuously hold on to talented people. People feel empowered to make decisions and feel appreciated. Organisations that do this will manage to learn over time and keep learning in their teams going.