How to benefit from Enhanced Conversions with GA4


Enhanced conversions with GA4   With recent technological developments, tracking users online has become increasingly difficult. Advertisers face constant challenges in our cookieless future. With new legislation being introduced on regular basis (think of GDPR and popular browsers blocking third-party parties), it has made it harder for us as analysts and marketeers to understand our […]

Meridian by Google: A new platform to Unlock Marketing Insights with Marketing Mix Modelling


Marketers face a complex challenge: measuring the true impact of marketing efforts across an ever-growing number of channels. Fragmented media consumption and privacy regulations make it difficult to track how each marketing dollar contributes to sales.This, in combination with deprecation of third-party cookies [Read our other article on this topic here], made Google realise it […]

Navigating the Evolution: Google Ads in 2024

Navigating the Evolution - Google Ads in 2024

The landscape of #GoogleAds is evolving, and adaptation is not just an option; it’s a necessity. As we peer into the near future, significant changes are on the horizon. Every campaign type is transitioning into a mysterious black box, rendering traditional data analysis and optimization techniques obsolete. The game has undeniably changed, and it’s time […]

Google Ads introduces new features

Google Ads introduces new features

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, Google Ads is unveiling a series of fresh features aimed at enhancing local marketing efforts. These enhancements are designed to offer improved insights, widen access to the search top slot, streamline onboarding for local inventory ads, and enable marketers to quantify the impact of online-only bidding versus smart […]

Google to Stop Displaying FAQs in Search Results

Google FAQs in Search Results

In a recent announcement, Google revealed that it will no longer be displaying FAQs within search results. This change will affect all websites, except for those that are focused on health or government topics. For those who have been using FAQ Schema Markup to improve their SEO, this news may be disappointing. However, it is […]

Google Analytics Banned In EU?

Our Point Of View Recently, the Austrian Data Protection Authority (DPA) has released its decision regarding the use of Google Analytics. The DPA found out that an Austrian company was using Google Analytics (GA) on their website, which involved transferring personal data to Google LLC in the United States.This was, according to their ruling, a violation […]

Google Search Console association page

Connect Google Analytics to Search Console

You can associate Google Search Console with various Google services Starting today, Google Search Console offers an enhanced Association page that allows you to link your Search Console property to another Google-managed entity, e.g. a Google Analytics account, a Chrome Web Store account, or a YouTube channel.  “I have already associated my GA account with […]

Top 3 Google products that helped businesses survive 2020

Top 3 Google products that helped businesses survive 2020 Google has been pleasantly surprising both business owners and customers throughout 2020. What started out as a support on local search by introducing specific COVID-19 attributes and updates, has turned into completely shifting the user experience in alignment to the already changed customer behaviour. Here’s an […]

You can now message businesses on Google Maps

Google makes communication between businesses and clients easier Google keeps rolling out new features that help companies achieve results. Just recently, Google released a new way for businesses to communicate with customers directly from the Maps platform. Users can now ask questions and receive a real-time response via a message. People who are browsing nearby […]

Google planning to launch free Shopping listings in EMEA in mid-October

Free Shopping listings have finally arrived in EMEA! As we mentioned earlier this year, Google has been preparing to introduce the free Shopping listings campaign globally. And just now, they have announced its launch. In times of economic instability, businesses of all sizes are striving for survival. Now, more than ever, it is important to […]