Lean Analytics

How to use lean analytics to get better at what you do Lean Analytics – The Lean Startup is all about a constant cycle of learning. By measuring and analyzing as you grow, you can validate whether a problem is real, find the right customers, decide what to build, and how to monetize it. In […]

The Principles Behind Causality Inference

Hal Varian on the principles behind causality inference There are two big problems with the attribution solutions that are around. First of all, they do not provide a baseline (what would happen if you stopped all advertising) and secondly, they measure correlation, not causation. How To Measure Causal Inference? Are you keen to get a crash course […]

Developing Small Business Social Media Strategies 2017


Social Media in 2017 is not expected to be one of the largest budget items by marketing executives for the enterprise and strategic communications industries. However, a successful business has to develop a well thought out and tactically viable social media strategy. Nearly every global company has unknowingly developed a corporate achilles heel.  Learn the three critical “must […]

Potential Keyword Research: The Key To Growing Traffic & Revenue


There is absolutely no way that you can think up – and then target – all of the possible keyword search terms which may drive traffic to your site.  Every single niche can be looked at in hundreds of different ways and you will have to choose just a few approaches when you start your […]

Adwords and DoubleClick Bid Manager Remarketing go Cross Device

Remarketing cross device is something that advertisers have waited for for quiet a while. In a very significant product update yesterday Google announced that advertisers will soon be able to reach users across devices with Google remarketing campaigns as Google stops relying on cookies and mobile IDs to identify users for remarketing lists. Instead it relies on deterministic data about […]

Adwords Remarketing goes cross-exchange

AdWords Remarketing goes cross-exchange Google quietly announced in May that any AdWords Remarketing activity would automatically be eligible to show on cross exchange inventory. I am not sure how much additional inventory that ads to the already huge pool of inventory that was available through the DoubleClick ad exchange, but it is another step in […]

Connect Salesforce CRM to Google Analytics

Found this implementation guide on how to connect Salesforce to Google Analytics a few days ago. Quiet a cool step by step guide on how to connect Google Analytics with Salesforce. There are a lot of different ways in which you can connect any CRM system to Google Analytics. All of them involve the capture of a key […]

2016 Internet Trends Report

If you work in technology or marketing you should read the yearly Mary Meeker internet trends report. Mary Meeker is a Kleiner Perkins partner. She has become a legend for publishing this 213 slide report of the most critical stats and trends about how technology is evolving. If you do not have the time to go through […]

Adwords Data Driven Attribution

One of the hardest things to do well is valuing all of your marketing activity in the right way. It is even harder to act on those valuations. With Adwords Data Driven Attribution finally launching that pain is gone now. Obviously that is more so for advertisers that depend heavily on Adwords search as their major marketing channel. Here is […]