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SEO services

What is SEO?

SEO services

SEO a.k.a the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation is the key to getting your website noticed and most importantly, appearing in Google’s front pages. By optimising your online presence, you aim to acquire more organic traffic from search engines. Without efficient and consistent SEO services, most of the resources you spend writing content for your website are wasted.

In order to rank higher in Google, you need to deploy professional SEO services, since the process of implementing an SEO strategy yourself can be tricky and not without obstacles. This is where Up Analytics steps in.

Our SEO services

We offer an extensive set of SEO services that can help your business’ online presence improve within a short period of time. Our job is to support your (marketing) team in getting your website to rank better on relevant Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We do that by implementing SEO techniques combining both technical and content strategies. Most of all, we take care of your presence on Local Search, as it has been proved that 78% of location-based searches eventually lead to an offline conversion.

SEO content services

The results of SEO efforts can be enhanced if you make use of both visual and textual content. We can suggest thousands of techniques, tips and tricks on how to optimise your website, but the truth is that the best, most certain and cheapest way to rank higher in Google, is to provide users with great and relevant content.

It does make a difference if you have skilled copywriters, creative writers, editors in your team, who on the top of that also know how to optimise their texts for you. However, we would understand if hiring 3+ specialists in your Marketing team is costly for your business. That’s not a reason to miss on the opportunity of actually having that content written/shot for you!

Up Analytics can build a strategy around creating and maintaining your content. Our content SEO services aim to provide comprehensive, professional and user-friendly materials whether what you need is blog posts, articles, e-books, product pages, infographics, white-papers, product photography, tutorials or simply optimising your current content.

Technical SEO services

Technical SEO Services

While having great content is surely going to get you the visibility needed, if the structure of your website is lacking stability, you will still lose positions in the Google ranking. Technical SEO is the foundation of your website’s performance. Just like a house is doomed to fall apart without a stable base, your web will quickly be abandoned (or the so-called bounce rate will increase) if users find it slow or difficult to load due to unoptimised bits of it.

We will pinpoint any cracks in the walls and fix them by implementing solutions accordingly.  Struggling with backlinking, crawling errors, meta tags, page speed or experiencing lost traffic without any obvious reason? Or do you want to educate yourself by reading our article on how to fetch as Google? Let us identify the biggest hurdles and help you out with clearing them!

Local SEO services

Local SEO Services

Last but not least, let’s talk about local SEO strategies. If you have conducted a mobile search for a restaurant, convenience store, shopping centre, hairdresser or a gas station over the last week, congratulations – you are among the 90% of people who look for a local business on their smartphone at least once per week. What’s more a 88% of these people actually become customers within 24 hours of the initial search. Talking about real-life conversion models, right?

Let us tell you a secret – all of these numbers can be relevant for your business as well, given that you are on top of your game with local SEO. Local SEO is, in fact, organic SEO but on a “residence area” level. After all, there is no point in targeting customers from Thailand for a SPA centre which is around the corner in London, right?

Our omnichannel tool will enable numerous opportunities to boost local SEO services and will help you manage all of your locations with minimum effort. Being consistent and efficient is “the new black”. And we provide exactly that – with a few simple implementations you can set out to conquer Google’s top results page and become a local leader in your industry. Contact us now if you’d like to schedule a quick introduction and demo of our tool.